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The Making Moves Podcast (with business guru's Seema Alexander & Kelly Lynn Adams) is dedicated to helping 9 to 5'ers, side hustlers & entrepreneurs go from following the rules to creating their own. Get ready to be exposed to weekly bite-size trainings and inspiration about business building, money making, mindset training, and so much more. You will hear from top entrepreneurs and influencers (in all industries) tell the good, the bad and the amazing of the journey from employee to entrepreneur. This is the place to learn more so that you can be, do and have more.
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Jan 4, 2017

Nely Galan is a Latina media mogul, author, teacher, entrepreneur, speaker, Emmy Award-winning producer, and savvy influencer. She is a quintessential maker and an advocate for gender parity. As a Cuban immigrant, Nely worked her way to the top as president of Telemundo’s entertainment division, producing over 700 episodes for TV in English and Spanish. Another claim to fame is that Nely was the first ever Latina to appear on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice show with Donald Trump. Nely’s book, Self Made, is a NY Times bestseller about becoming empowered, self-reliant, and rich in every way. She also founded a nonprofit, The Adelante Movement, which trains other Latina women for entrepreneurship.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • (2:39) How Nely made the transition from working for someone else to “making moves” on her own
  • (5:21) Overcoming the fear of making the leap into entrepreneurship
  • (7:23) The value of side hustles
  • (9:08) Cultivating the “self-made” mindset


  • (10:44) Nely’s experience and lessons learned from Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice


  • (15:16) Self Made: a new way to define success for women--through the book, the concept, and the movement
  • (19:35) A self-made woman that has inspired Nely? All the women who turn pain into profit
  • (22:45) Engaging your entrepreneurial muscle, beginning with ONE hour each week
  • (25:51) Nely’s advice to other women? “There is hidden money in America for all of us, especially for diverse women who start businesses.”
  • (29:00) Take baby steps every day, work because you WANT to, and find choices and freedom within the money you make
  • (30:20) How to find out more about Nely, her endeavors, and her resources online

Key Points:

  • Start incubating your idea while you still have a job
  • To be successful, you are going to be afraid and you WILL fail
  • If you listen to what everyone else says, then you’re not SELF MADE
  • There is no Prince Charming and no one is coming to save you; self-reliance is the key
  • Have a vision and take baby steps, beginning with ONE hour each week


Self Made by Nely Galan

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