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The Making Moves Podcast (with business guru's Seema Alexander & Kelly Lynn Adams) is dedicated to helping 9 to 5'ers, side hustlers & entrepreneurs go from following the rules to creating their own. Get ready to be exposed to weekly bite-size trainings and inspiration about business building, money making, mindset training, and so much more. You will hear from top entrepreneurs and influencers (in all industries) tell the good, the bad and the amazing of the journey from employee to entrepreneur. This is the place to learn more so that you can be, do and have more.
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Oct 17, 2016

We’re so excited to have Jenn Scalia today with us as our guest, to share with us her entrepreneurship journey and the valuable skills in creating a 7-figure business. She is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. Known for her tough love, no BS style, she helps entrepreneurs to overhaul their biggest fears and empower them to share their message with the world.


Jenn is the coach that has been through what you have been through, but she has successfully snapped out of it and went from rock-bottom to creating a 7-figure business within 3 years. And now she’s here to help others to achieve the same.


Today's episode with Jenn is filled with golden nuggets! We have touched on so many areas relating to business, entrepreneurship and coaching, including:


Her back story and what triggered her to make the move.

The key to her success in creating a 7-figure business within just 3 years.

The doubts and resistances that she faced throughout her entrepreneurship journey, especially during the initial stages of her business.

How hiring a coach completely changed the way she deal with her business.

The 3 main things that she believed sky-rocketed her business.

What she thinks is the best coaching business model for people to start off with.

What are her thoughts and suggestions on generating Passive Income, or she prefers calling it Leveraged Income.

When exactly is the right time for one to create a membership site.

Useful tips on how to build and eventually grow a list of followers with high engagement rate.

Her opinions on outsourcing during the initial stages of a business.

The importance of creating massive values for your clients or potential clients.

How having the correct mindset and alignment can have huge impact on your business. She also shares what inspires her and keeps her mindset on track.

Her advise to those who plan to or have just made the leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

The common misconceptions among new coaches.

Her recommendations on the issue of pricing and her take on certifications for coaches.

The top tools and resources for business owners.


If you are interested in finding out more about Jenn and her coaching services, please visit her website at


Plus, good news for our listeners! Jenn is kind enough to give our listeners a special gift - "Six Figure Success Mindset Mini Course”, where she shares the mindset hacks that she used to achieve her success and the mindset shifts that can unlock one’s unlimited earning potential. Find out more about it at!

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