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Sep 18, 2016

What does living a life with purpose means to you? Are you aware of the thoughts and actions that define who you are and who you will be? Many of us are not realizing our full potential in life. Some are trying their best to achieve their goals, some are struggling with it, and some have simply lost their directions in life.


Today’s guest is someone who is capable of bringing out the best of us. His name is Jairek Robbins, performance coach, motivational speaker and the author of “Live It”. We are so excited to have him with us today.


Jairek has achieved so much at such a young age. At only 23 years old, he was awarded Congressional Award (Gold Medal) from the United States Congress and has conducted training for many organizations, including the U.S. Marines and Air Force, the U.S. Olympics Team and many others.


In this exciting episode, Jairek talks about his interesting life journey and how he came about becoming a successful performance coach he is today. From the interview, you’ll learn about:


  • His background and his journey of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • The many working experiences he had since the age of 1
  • How his "3-months commitment" motivated him to pursue a life that he is passionate about.
  • How he decided to maximize the potential of his strongest skill - Coaching.
  • How he has successfully built a $100,000 revenue business in his first 8 months of 1-on-1 coaching business.
  • What performance coaching is all about, how it works and why is it important.
  • How performance coaching can push you to your maximum limit and live life to your fullest potential.
  • How those unconscious habits or routines can help you to achieve your goals.
  • He also talks about his book "Live It" and how imagining your "Perfect Day" could help you to visualize your goals.
  • How he views and defines the word "Fear", plus how can we be prepared to face our fear.
  • His opinion on what sets the successful population apart from the others


If you find the interview thought-provoking, or if you are interested in finding more about Jairek or his coaching services, connect with him on Facebook and join him on his daily 30-minutes live free training. You can also head over to his websites to learn more about his performance coaching. Details are as below:


Facebook       - Jairek Robbins

Websites       -



Hope you enjoy today's episode!